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comprehensive brand design

Working as an in-house Marketing Director, I created all new branding for Devco, which consists of four different companies that are vertically integrated. As they grew, it was apparent they needed a strong and cohesive branding strategy that resonated with their clientele while maintaining their individual identities.

To begin, I conducted research to understand the company's target audience, competitive landscape, and existing branding and marketing efforts. I also conducted surveys and focus groups with leadership to gather insights into customer perceptions and preferences.

Based on my research, I developed a branding and marketing strategy that included brand identity, targeted messaging, content marketing, and measurement and optimization.

With our strategy in place, I began executing the branding and marketing plan and the result was a success. We increased brand awareness, customer engagement as we made the move to a national landscape. The refreshed brand identity and target messaging resonated with our clientele and allowed us to stand out from the competition.


Business Cards



other brand design projects

For this client, they needed collateral to improve their employee hiring rates and engaged my department to execute this campaign.

Our marketing team developed social media collateral, trifold brochures to pass out at their career fairs, and created yard signs for communities to post out front, giving more opportunities for prospective employees to find the company and apply.

career fair advertising campaign


other campaign collateral

training programs

A New Employee Orientation Program is a crucial onboarding experience designed to provide a warm and comprehensive introduction for newly hired team members. My program set the foundation for a successful and fulfilling journey with the organization, ensuring that new employees feel valued, informed, and equipped to contribute effectively. By facilitating a smooth transition into the company's culture, values, and operations, the orientation program fosters a sense of belonging and accelerates the integration of new hires into their roles.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platforms have become indispensable tools for modern businesses, enabling them to efficiently manage interactions with customers, track sales, and enhance overall customer experiences. I developed multiple trainings on CRM platforms, giving our employees the knowledge and skills to leverage these powerful tools effectively. I was able to effectively train our employees which increased our KPI portfolio wide by 75%, allowing our teams to optimize workflows, improve customer relationships, and achieve business growth.

In today's highly competitive business landscape, exceptional customer service is the key differentiator that sets companies apart. Training on customer service equips individuals and organizations with the essential skills and strategies to deliver outstanding experiences to customers. My comprehensive training program goes beyond mere problem-solving; it focuses on building genuine connections with customers, fostering loyalty, and driving business success.

I was fortunate enough to be responsible for planning and executing multiple annual conferences, in addition to social events such as holiday parties, company picnics and corporate outings company wide. Our conferences were the times our entire company came together, so having versatile training that touched each arm of our business and kept them engaged was no small feat. We created breakout classes and panels such as maintenance & leasing training, compliance, safety & de-escalation, career pathing, customer service, details matter (legal), as well as award shows over the years. For our summer conferences, we created an afternoon team bonding activity which usually consisted of putting together items for donation back to our community.

Training webinars offer an interactive and dynamic platform where participants can acquire valuable knowledge, develop essential skills, and stay updated with the latest industry trends. These online sessions bring together experts, trainers, and eager learners, fostering a collaborative learning environment that transcends geographical boundaries. Whether you're an individual looking to enhance your expertise or an organization seeking to upskill your workforce, training webinars are a versatile and accessible solution.







graphic design collateral

website design

This project was interesting as it went hand in hand with the rebrand of the entire company. The development arm of the business was the only one without a website. We relied heavily on the branding elements created through discovery with the ownership team, and was born. We wanted to highlight all the arms of the business from development through construction and into property management. The goal is to expand the website further into a national and in state only construction pages to highlight the projects currently being built and acquired. The property management website is also getting a facelift to reflect their new branding as well.

My daughter cheers for the Raptors and I am lucky enough to be on their board of directors. Part of my responsibility is the website management. When we first joined up a few years ago, the website was old and outdated. No one had been managing it. So we rebranded and completely redid the entire website. Now it is more user friendly, the links all work and we constantly update with new information and pictures.
P.S. that's my daughter in the front of the championship picture <3

This is my side venture, where I wanted to showcase a softer and more true side to the pitbull breed since this breed is the most overlooked and feared breed in rescue. The use of pinks, and the gentle outline of the logo dog creates a fun and whimsical feel for the website. The about page offers a deeper look into my story as a dog owner and multiple pitbull owner which provides a story for pet owners to relate to. The treats are named after our past pets, Penny Woofles, Bailey Bones, Dante's Donuts (current pup), and Bella's cupcakes. Swag is also offered and everything can be purchased through the store front. This was such a fun project, and helped bring out my philanthropic side since all treats are natural, any unsold get donated to the local humane society.

And of course, I created this website! Creating a new brand identity for a company is an amazing process. You have to figure out not only what the clients want and need, but you also have to figure out what they don't know they want and need. The process can range from going in expecting rainbows and butterflies, to discovering their brand is actually dark and edgy. Figuring out my own personal brand was a similar process. I went into this thinking I like dogs and beaches and some of that translated, but I discovered and recognized my work style is to transform myself and my thought process into the project I'm working on for maximum authenticity. And what better animal that is transformative than the chameleon.





Below is a book I wrote and illustrated based on a childhood song my great grandmother passed down through generations to my father who now sings it to my daughter.